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About Us

About Dux


Dux is a culinaray project aimed to create conversations and cultivate different experiences around culinary art.  It is the vehicle and brainchild of Eddie Lau and friends who participate along the way.  The projects we embark on serve no other purpose than to discover, teach and create in different mediums to which we express a love for food.  


About our Fortress Dinners


Fortress: Solitude & SF is the casual dinner pop-up project in San Francisco.  With Fortress, we will follow the primary tenet of Bay Area cooking: honor the ingredient.  With that in mind, we hope to present inspired food brought forth from traditional and personal Northeast/New England narratives with modern sensibility.  A lot of the stories from the food will also come from influences and neoclassical interpretations of the First Generation immigrant experience.


We hope to present ideas that may not have always have a place together in a traditional restaurant - ones that tell our collective stories defined by discovering, embracing and  living through our respective food histories.  We wish to earnestly present our casual cooking without convolution, on our terms, and with abandon.  We feel that this philosophy and narrative, as championed by so many unique and talented people, is the one that makes Bay Area cuisine so very emblematic of its culinary diversity.

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