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Instagram - Fortress Spring Dinner, Dux Poutine 3.0: ramp chantilly, duchess pot
Instagram - Ikura, honey yogurt, gochujan, Brooks cherry, red shiso
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Instagram - Bombe testing, pink guava, strawberry choco cremeux, chocolate cd, s
Instagram - Foie confit ala Ducasse, candied roasted clementine and kumquat, mea
Instagram - Buns buns buns, I'm so tired of test baking bread this week.jpg.jpg.
Instagram - Castelfranco chicory kimchee
Instagram - Fortress Duck Dinner prep.jpg
Instagram - Black Clam Chowder, nori tempura Manila clams, roasted sunchoke
Instagram - Testing @fortress_sf plating.jpg.jpg.jpg Callos a la Madrilena .jpg.
9 dinner
Instagram - This is how tonight's Fortress red pastrami looks, butter soft.jpg
Instagram - Almond butter poached red spring onions @fortress_sf banchan course
Instagram - Dux Poutine 3.jpg
Instagram - Tripe chorizo roulade

~~~~ About those knives in the pictures ~~~~ 

Dux: Beneath The Sheaths - February 1, 2013

Beneath the Sheaths is a Dux Art collaboration project as imagined and produced by Eddie Lau and photographed by Meigan Canfield and Ellis Au. It is a project that was born from the basic idea that for each study – ingrained in the similarities and differences of each set of tools, there exists a dichotomy between the conscious desire for individuality and the omnipresence of a community.

The creative origins for Beneath the Sheaths stem from a vision to represent the interplay of personal relationships between style, identity and function for the tools of chefs. These tools of chefs in their simplest reasoning serve the purpose of utility.  But between
each knife, spoon or rolling pin are rich stories that detail the experiences of service, the weathering from thousands of ingredients, and the reflections of their ambitions, failures, vanities and successes.

For enthusiasts and those involved, it is hard to argue about the pure physical beauty of the instruments captured - often evoking an admiration to their history and to their craftsmanship. But it is the continued objective of Beneath the Sheaths to examine the progressive linearity that may exist between chef responsibilities, occupation, community and regionality.

Currently, Beneath the Sheaths will be making its debut gallery showing at 18 Reasons in the Mission district of San Francisco.  The first show is slated to commence of February 1, 2013 and end on March 30, 2013.  The art show reception will take place on Feburary 1, 2013 at 5pm. 

Meigan Canfield is a photographer currently residing in New York.  While her work primarily focuses in Landscape and Still Life Photography, she continues her pursuits of passion in fine art practices of the 20th century and the monumental statements of academic   architecture.

Ellis Au is a photographer born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.  His work and development draws from years of experience on set with established commercial and editorial photographers to produce imagery fueled by passion and grounded in skill. 

Eddie Lau is a San Francisco chef, and founder/director of the creative culinary art program Dux: a passion project solely aimed at developing conversations and sharing ideas for the many different artistic forums and merits revolving food.   He is a Boston native and has made San Francisco home for the last six years. 

Special acknowledgements go out to Danielle Hall (Post Production), Amanda Hibbert (Photo Assistant) and Jim Hildreth (Studio).  Deepest gratitude go to the chefs participating in the project: Richie Nakano, Ryan Farr, Robbie Lewis, Melissa Perello, Bill Corbett, Gabriel Mitchell, Laurence Jossel and Ravi Kapur for entrusting this art project with their lifeblood.

Please send any inquiries, comments or questions to


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